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Complaint: Below is an email I tried to send the company. However the links would not work: On June 13, 2006, my husband and I rented a car from the Savmor location at the Tropicana Casino on Las Vegas, NV. As we left the lot and got out into the city, headed to Hoover Dam, we heard the brakes start squealing each time we stopped or slowed for traffic. I should note here that we are from a very small town and not used to the traffic such as is in Las Vegas, and were afraid to try to turn around and go back to complain about the car. Better, we thought, to head to the Dam and get back. It was a horrible ride in this 2006 Dodge Stratus (grayish in color). The brakes complained very loudly each time my husband used them. We were afraid a police would stop us for having bad brakes. What an awful time we had. We took the car back within 8 hours (just after 5 p.m.), but, of course, the location was closed. I had understood the clerk, Terese or Teresa, to say that we could return the next morning and pay for the car’s rental. We wanted to discuss the brake issue with her because of what we believe to be a dangerous rental and the embarrassment of the brakes screeching each time we slowed or stopped. Terese or Teresa had already charged our credit card more than $113 for that ridiculous rental. Yes, $113 for one day’s rental, and we had not even used the car for more than 8 hours, and the brakes screeched and screamed each time we stopped. We have rented cars many times before and have never had such horrible service or such a pitiful excuse for a car. Aren’t the cars cleaned and checked for mechanical malfunctions before they are returned to service? Why would you send cars like that Dodge Stratus back onto the road in such poor shape, and then charge such a high charge for sloppy service and a mechanically failing car? I intend to tell everyone I know who goes to Vegas to avoid your business. How can you run such a horrible business, by cheating and making what should be a nice vacation into a horrible experience for everyone you rent cars to? I bet you do not have repeat customers. We will never rent from your company again and will always tell people headed to Vegas to avoid your company like the plague. B Fitzgerald, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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Address: Tropicana Casino Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.



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