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I didn”t receive my bill because unfortunately once in a while the Unites States postal service doesn”t do their job very well. As soon as I received a notice that the bill was late, I called and paid that day. I was then told I needed to speak to a supervisor to have the late fee removed. It took me calling in three times to get an answer because the customer service person kept accidentally transferring me to the wrong location, where I had to hang up and start again. I was then told that because over a year ago this had happened to me, they would not remove the late fee. In summary, Sawnee EMC can make a mistake and prove themselves to be too incompetent to transfer a customer to the correct location, but a customer can not realize a bill is due because it wasn”t received, and we are penalized regardless. Sounds a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Further, the supervisor never came to the phone. I”d like a job like that. One where I can make decisions for the customer without ever having to speak with them. Sounds like a great customer service department to me.

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