SB Office SUpplies Review


Company call offering office products, I currently work the supply system for my company so I do get multiple vender calls about items. Vender ask for name, address, and example of printer cartridge’s that are used. As soon as a few of the cartridge numbers are names, the sales person, who is being coached from someone in the background, directly being told what to say, how to say it, every response. The vendor states the price of the product, and then immediately say, " so you will take a dozen ink cartridges in the said style. I said specifically, NO, I do not want any of your products, send me your company catalog so I can see the products you offer. The sales rep is told to say yes, then says ok, I will send you two cartridges at my cost to try our product, then ask would i like to add a PO number for a credit card account number, and i specificly state NO. He then goes on to say, so you will take an order of 8 with the 2 im going to send. At this point I say NO, I will not take any of your products, just send the list of company products to my email. He they goes and offers a free bag of M&M’s, because "everyone loves some M&M’s. He ask what kind I want and i tell him i do not want anything from his company. The coaching is still going in the background and can be heard during the entire exchange. I hang up the phone at this point. A minute later i get an email invoice for the order i places for the 8 ink cartridges. The invoice i will attach will show you that it not done by professionals or a real business. It has no contact number, no cost for shipping, no sales tax, no shipping, not directed to my billing department, ect. I immediately go to contact the company. The line is busy multiple times. When i do get through, the sales rep is "on break" and the person coaching in the background, identifies himself as "Brian David" the company owner. I tell him i have been sent an invoice for products i did not order, and this needs to be corrected immediately. I told him i could hear him in the background coaching the sales rep, that i stated it very clearly that i did not want his products, i told him i wanted the order canceled, an email to say the product was never ordered and that needed to be done and completed before we were finished with the call. He went on to stay he was just coaching the sales rep, but her heard me say that i wanted to order the supplies, i said, i did NOT order anything, place any orders or in any way ask for products to be shipped, he then went on to say that he heard me say that i did want something, and then the sales rep was talking about free M&M’s to go along with the order, and he heard me say yes to that. I said no, i did not order anything. At this point i stated that i know the bait and switch scam he was trying to pull and that i would not be talking to him about it any more, that he needed to correct the invoice, send me an email with the information i requested, and not to contact me at any point after this is completed. He stated about how his company is for American workers, is a GSA contractor, had a reputable background, and then ask if he can send me a sample to make up for his sales persons mistake. I tell him NO, ask where my email conformation is. He babbles on about his company again. I ask where the email is and then i can hear typing in the background and he sends it to me. I have attached the invoice and the email.

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