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Watch out!!!!! Silka Sosa has just created her new agency called S C A L E. (155 Water Street, Brooklyn) She is a compulsive liar also know as Tamico Nicole Hodges, Tamico Craighead, Tamico Hodges Arlee, Josclynne Grier, Tamico Arlee, Silka Craighead, Silka Wingate and her newest creations: TAMMY MARTIN and MIYOKO YANG. Previous aliases include Tamico Nicole Hodges, Nicole Hodges, Tamico Craighead, Tamico Hodges Arlee, Josclynne Grier, Tamico Arlee, Silka Sosa, Silka Craighead, Silka Wingate, Miyoko Yang, Her new character is Miyoko Yang. She is the director of SCALE and lives in Tokyo, but in fact it’s a fake profile and you can notice on her facebook page that she collects pictures from the internet, you can’t even tell which one is Miyoko Yang. If you save the pictures and throw them to google images, you will see the original sources of the images and they belong to different websites. That’s her profile. I don’t know her real name, since she is so misterious and liar. But in this profile you will find her real pictures. She is really ghetto from Harlem. She has some contacts with people in the fashion industry, but only for small/crapy jobs and whenever she books a job for a model, she claims it’s an unpaid job, but actually she keeps all the money or at least big part of it. Once you sign with her agency you are stuck with her for one year. So, be careful!!! I signed with her in september and I had real trouble trying to talk to her. She is rude and she hang up the phone when I was still trying to explain my situation. I asked for Miyoko’s telephone and she said she can’t give it to me because Miyoko has nothing to do with my contract. What the hell? Isnt’ she the director? At the end I noticed that Miyoko and Tammy have the same behavior and a horrible spelling, so I noticed that they were only one and same person. Most of the models on the website are from outside the USA, probably fake too. She seems very nice at the beginning, but once you signed the contract she becomes a freak b*tch. She doesnt even know how to spell, she must have quit school before high school to smoke weed. (Google her name and you will find pictures of her with weed) She is not polite at all and doest understand about fashion or modeling industry. She used to own the following companies (scams): Sharlet Grier Models (Sharlet Grier Model Management) Pardon the Wave Signature Green Entertainment Vermillion My Turf My Terms

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