Scott Allen Breitenstein Review


Scott breitenstein charges huge sums of money to get slanderous and defamatory posts taken down, and he doesnít care about the hurt this has caused unto others that result in ruined lives/reputations and ruined relationships. Also, heís infamous for his revenge porn sites. Donít pay him or any of his associates Namely his family members) any money for post removals. Itís all lies! this bastard depends on food stamps and social security checks when heís actually making millions off of othersí misery from being slandered and defamed on the internet. Removenames and netreputation are two post removal services associated with him. | The list of arbitraton services, cyber extortion fronts, associated with him can be found here: | Also, heís the owner of the seemingly shady site where he falsely outs other who are against him when thereís no proof of them being cyber extortionists.


  • Name: Scott Allen Breitenstein
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Dayton
  • Address: 32 Bidleman St
  • Phone: (937) 274-3692
  • Website:

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