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My scribd account has been unjustly and arbitrarily removed and my scribd store earnings illegally withheld. I have been a scribd store seller since September 2013. According to scribd store terms, I am within my rights to sell these documents. All documents being sold are mine and mine alone and do not infringe on the rights of any third parties and I have not received any type of complaint contesting the originality of my work. On October 31, 2014, scribd notified me that my account has been removed, alleging that my work incorporated content from copyrighted university material. This claim is false. Additionally, my earnings of approximately $1,100 for the month of October 2014 are being withheld. Scribd waited until the 31st of the month, which is the last day to earn for that month, to delete my account without notice. Regardless that my actions are consistent with company terms of service we have agreed to, Jason Bentley of scribd “support” has personally notified me that he will not be releasing my earnings to me and no further payments will be sent to me. This has also happened to two of my friends. Their seller accounts were closed on the day before payment would be issued. Jason Bentley of Scribd has told us that all funds have been “refunded” to the purchasers of the documents (which were downloaded, and are still owned by the purchasers). Obviously, this does not rectify the (false) claim that Scribd has made that the documents were in violation of a copyright. If that were the case, refunding the purchaser, who still is in possession of the illegal document, makes no sense. Sending the funds to the original author would make sense, if Scribd’s claim were true. Of course, there is no way to confirm any refund was made at all; for, conceals the identity of the purchasers, and prevents the sellers from contacting his/her purchasers. Clearly, there is only one explanation for this lack of transaparency. My issues are: 1) Scribd violated our terms of agreement by arbitrarily suspending my account without due process, and without notifying me at all. 2) Scribd is violating California and Federal labor laws by withholding my pay. 3) No notification or warning was received from scribd alleging their concerns. I am being denied to my own content and my own funds. 4) Scribd is pretending that the funds were “refunded” to the buyer, when it is far more likely that Scribd never informed the buyer of any of this since the buyer is satisfied with his purchase, and Scribd has kept the funds. 5) I have not been given any details or particulars concerning the process leading to the termination of my account. 6) Repeated emails requesting my final payment of earnings for the month of October have been ignored.

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