Sears, A & E Factory Services Marshall Virginia Review


I had waited for an appointment to fix my Maytag Dishwasher for nearly one month. The appointment was set for December 1, 2007 in the morning. nI received an automated phone message on Friday that informed me that the appointment was changed to December 1, at 5pm. There was no callback number. In the afternoon while waiting, I checked my answering service, but there was no message. I noticed that there was a Searss number on my caller ID. I called this number and left a voicemail and my number. There was no response. No repairmen showed up for this appointment. nOn Monday, December 03, 2007 I called A & E Factory Services at 1-800-659-7026 and spoke to a John and briefed him on the no-show appointment. John told me that no appointments were available for two weeks. I asked to speak with a supervisor. John told me that he would transfer me to a co-worker who might better assist me. John did not know who I would speak to. I did not believe that an unknown and unnamed co-worker would be better able to serve me, and I requested to speak to a supervisor. John told me that his supervisor was Barry. nAfter explaining the timeline and circumstances to Barry, he told me that they had called my home 3 times in the early afternoon, and that I did not answer. He further told me that by policy, I had to answer the phone or I would be skipped over for service. He firmly told me that I was told of this policy. This is not true, and this was the first time hearing this. nBerry directly told me that it (the missed appointment) was my fault. I asked why they did not leave a message when they called, and he told me that they dod not leave messages. If I did not pick up the phone, I was not services. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he told me that his supervisor was not available. I asked him for his supervisor’s name and he told me that he would not provide me with that information. I requested A & E’s corporate phone number and the number provided to me belonged to a totally different company. The corporate address provided was 1560 Cable Ranch Road, #A, San Antonio, TX. Google search did not reveal an A & E Factory Service branch. nI then called A & E Factory’s corporate owner – Sears, and spoke to Sears National Customer Relations operator #15012 who informed me that Barry was not a supervisor. nA & E Factory services are unprofessional. This company was a no show; its representatives will falsely impersonate themselves as a supervisor, provide misleading information, and seem to invent their own policies while you speak to them. nA brief Google search revealed dozens of documented complaints against A & E. nMaytag chose to contract warranty repairs through Sears/A & E Factory Service. This reflects very poorly on Maytag at least to this consumer. It has been terrible that my family has been unable to use our dishwasher for over a month and to be subjected to this unprofessional and delayed service is horrendous. nRick nMarshall, VirginiaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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