sears home service/A&Emechanical lakebay Washington


Complaint: I called sears home repair services to send a technician to my house to reair my whirlpool refrigerator top freezer model; The service call was $119.00 + cost of parts&labor; diagnosed a open circuit in fan motor; replaced said fan motor (18 minutes) total bill $302.00 cost of fan motor $71.41; the rest was labor(total labor cost$207.00; In short the repair failed within 1 hour of the technicians leaving; they give you numbers and a whole lot of pass the buck; I have to reschedule appointment and if the problem is not related to the specific original complaint&repair it,s another minimum $119.00 to recall the repair technician; ( “””IN SHORT JESSIE JAMES HAD A GUN””) Logistic plays a very large part of contractors

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: repair people

Website: (800) 4my home

Phone: etc; taking advantage of people; DISGUSTED!!”

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