Sears Oklahoma City Oklahoma Review


Sears sent out a flyer to homes (apparently across America) titled “LAST DAY! SATURDAY

NOV. 26 AFTER THANKSGIVING SALE”” which advertised a Samsung 47-in wide screen TV “”BEFORE $300 INSTANT SAVINGS 899.99″”. nSears also advertised the same TV on their website (which showed up for Oklahoma and California and probably everywhere else) which read “”sale $899.99 BEFORE INSTANT SAVINGS””. nI clearly see an AFTER instant savings price of $599.99

but apparently Sears doesn’t see it that way. nThis advertisement got my wife and I out to the local Sears store where we told by a clerk and also by the department manager that the price was $899.99 “”AFTER”” the $300 instant rebate. They refused to honor the advertised price of $599.99. I showed the ad to the manager and her response was “”it is confusing””. nI referred the complaint to my states Consumer Complaint Division who forwarded a copy of my complaint and ads to Sears. Sears never responded. nI would recommend calling Sears and confirming a sales price and getting the name of the clerk you speak to before wasting your time going to your local store because of a misleading or “”CONFUSING AD””. nJohnnOklahoma City


2501 W. Memorial Road Oklahoma City, Oklahoma U.S.A.

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