Sears Twin Falls Idaho Review


We purchased a ProForm CrossWalk 480 on May 25th, 2009(during the Memorial day sale for $400) via, we were told that we could pick it up on June 6th of 7th, 2009. Then on May 27th, 2009 we got an email “Sears Order Ready for Pick-up””

well when we get ready go get it we get another email saying our order was canceled and that the $400 purchase was voided. nNow here’s the messed up part…we call the store the next morning and ask why our order was voided. They said because they didn’t have any in stock and that it will be a bit before they do. nWe told them that we were told we could pick one up on June 6th or 7th. She said that they would probably have some then but they would be $100 MORE and that we would have to pay the extra amount since the Memorial day sale had ended. nThey basically baited us with the $400 offer

then canceled our order and then told us that we would have to pay $100 more for the same product at the time that they told us we could get the item in the first place! nOur family has shopped at Sears for decades and they have treated us with a flippant attitude during this whole ordeal. they offered us %5 off the future purchase of the treadmill

still ripping us off for $75! nWe will not be shopping there or at Kmart

Land’s End or any other Sears holding company any further and we have let our friends

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