Sears Wyomissing Pennsylvania Review


As a former Sears Brand Central employee for five years my sdvise to consumers is not to buy their maintenance agreements –I don’t believe they are worth the money. Did you ever wonder why Sears pushes them so vigorously? It’s because they are almost pure profit for the company. nIn fact, the high profitability of maintenance agreements and the pressure to sell them put on the sales associates created an atmosphere where I worked in which sales associates lied to customers to sell such agreements so that they wouldn’t receive low evaluations from management. nThe managers, sales associates, and district managers I worked with at Sears were the most unethical people I have ever worked with in retail. One sale associate regularly told his customers a particular brand computer had a 90 day warranty when in fact it had a one year in-home warranty, but he used this lie to help sell the Sears Maintenance Agreement. My reports to management about such practices were largely ignored as management seemed more concerned with selling Maintenance Agreements than how they were sold. nPetenWyomissing, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Nationwide U.S.A.

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