Security Trust Deed Service Review


We have been the Victim of a Unscrupulousness Equity Predator! with regards to a small 30k 2nd on our home loans, that was called a Equity line of credit. This Lowest of Human Scum Has perjured them self’s in there court documents , AS WE WERE NEVER SERVED Legal court papers in this action , we were not informed of the TRUST DEED sale where this sum stole our home over the small second of approximate a $200.00 a month payment, Where at the same time two weeks earlier we are Current With the FIRST MORTGAGE holder Washington Mutual. We were surprised, and kicked out of our home ,that we has bought two years earlier. One of us is a Permanently Disabled person~! and This Scum, ” Mr William G Dickey- Roth” _ Roth is something he has added to his last name for some reason. “Dick-Head” Roth, changed there name intentionally, and his office also intentionally misdirected us , TO AVOID receiving our PAYMENT , creating this situation of Illegal WRONGFULLY FORECLOSURE, that allowed them to STEAL or home With over $150,000.00 of Equity available to CASH out!And that’s what they were after!!!!!!! Some resent Palomar investigation work, has uncovered at least *”12 other such”, Predatory Foreclosures of the same Intentionally misdirected Avoiding payment in the SAN DIEGO all by this same, Evading location, detection technical, then “Committing Purgery” with the court paperwork That is then Presented to the Bankruptcy Judge, indicating That The party “Us” that are being FORECLOSED on have been PROPERLY (posted) on there Front Door, With a NAIL or Staple Gun, and then ALSO Mail Service, both of witch are Falsified, Signatures by the company that has committed this Fraudulent Crime Right here in San Diego California .Warning William G Dicky ‘Roth” Is out to fraudulent Steal YOUR Equity and HOME, Next! We SEEK punitive Damages and to this White Collar Criminal William G Dickie “Roth” Prosecuted By The District Attorneys office of San Diego for premeditated Crimes, he tried to speed by all the powers that bee, attempting to JUST BE DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL!! ‘WE , Charles- name With headed!) and Frederick (Name Withheld”) Simply Put , Were Not allowed our legal rights to be notified of the proceedings so the The Legal Requirements With the JUDGE and the Courts was a “BOLD FACE LIE!” for the purposes of defrauding us of our “One Hundred and Fifty Thousands Dollars” of Equity That we had in the propriety, the Entire Foreclose is fraudulent, and based on lies, Deceit, Racketeering, AND GRAND larceny THEFT is 100% FRAUD. AND WILLIAM G DICKY ROTH OF SAN DIEGO . We seek to have this criminal William G Dickie Roth brought to justice and to have the unformulated Legal Action Reversed and Criminal CHARGES brought Against “William Dickie Roth” and his associates for premeditated PREDATORY Equity THEFT!!!, and stealing $700,000.00 home Most of the mortgage was with Washington Mutual, But William Stole our home over a SMALL SECOND as he Refused, intentionally our ATTEMPTS to pay him! over there Reticules Small $30,000.00 dollar SECOND equity line of Credit! Note: What home owner do you know in there right mind, That would “would pay there first mortgage payment” of $2,000.00 two weeks early, if they had been properly notified ( as per the LAW requires, if knew they were getting Foreclosed on!, on there small 2nd mortgage payment of only $200,…. Know one!!!!!!! Exactly! As part of there tactics of setting up there very own clients , “hence” PREDATORY! They has there payment envelop misprinted with the wrong address, They have changed there name 4 times, starting with We were intentionally misdirected by there many offices for them to avoid payment , so they could create FORECLOSE and NOT serve us papers, and then to SLAM dunk US, OUT OF OUR HOUSE onto the street with nowhere to go, THEY WILLIAM G DICKY ROTH,and his Associates ,ARE EVIL SCUM, and should Be IN prison with others like them. We Seek Financial retribution for pain And Suffering , loss of Wages and work The Complete Destruction of our LIEFS, and Unnecessary DAMAGE TO A STATE DISABLED PERSON and and to see them answer to criminal racketeering Equity Predatory charges !…………………… “*Security trust Deed Services”, Then Changed it to ,”* Palmer Equity Funding corp”- “*American Equity Lending” and as of late “*First Regional BANK” of 5920 Firers Road Swt 206 San Diego California And THEY ARE NOT A BANK!!!!!!!!!! Vengeances is mine Saith The LORD! “But your ASS IS Mine William G Dickey” you fraudulent Equity Preditor SCUM! All Law Firms Inquiry’s Welcome , For Possible Volume Class Action Suites

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