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Beware of u201cSelect Home Warrantyu201d company. This is a shyster of a company, promising everything till you sign up but when needed, they weasel out of responsibility, ignore you or offer ridiculous resolutions: 1. Dish Washer Saga: On June 24th 2017 I filed an online claim for my GE dishwasher, followed by a call next day confirming the claim and was assured someone will be assigned to my claim and an email will be sent. The next day I did receive an email assigning the job to a repair facility but when I called the repair facility I was told that they have no technician till middle of next week AND that they (repair facility) did tell Select Home Warranty (SHW) of that. So I again contacted SHW and was told they will look into that and that my dish washer brand is rare and difficult to find a tech for (a load of nonsense and a bad excuse, it is a GE the most popular Dish Washer in USA) and that they will assign claim to another repair facility. When a whole day passed without hearing from SHW, I contacted them again and this time they explained that it is a very busy time of the year and it takes 2 u2013 3 weeks for repair (again a load of nonsense) and gave me an option to get a tech to estimate work involved and to call with them with estimate. I called 3 Repair facilities who were happy to come over and do repair immediately or next day, but when they heard the name of u201cSelect Home Warrantyu201d they all took my number and said they will call back. None of them called back. No one wants to work with SHW! It is now 3 whole weeks and I am STILL without any repair or resolution to this claim. 2. Microwave Saga: July 10th 2017 I filed an online claim for a GE over the stove Microwave. SHW 3 days later sent a resolution email I copy and paste here: u201cThe amount that you have been authorized toward a replacement is $95.00u201d This is a $450.00+ Microwave with at least a $150 cost for installation and u201cSelect Home Warrantyu201d offered $95.00! What highway robbery is this? I felt compelled to write about my experience with SELECT HOME WARRANTY so that others do not fall victims to this very unprofessional, incompetent and a cheat that is evidently defrauded their customers as well as contractors alik

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