LLC Review


Don’t trust anything they tell you. I need to trade my 2012 Kia Optima for a decent car that could get me from A to B as I was layed off from my job and just couldn’t come up with the 1500.00 to pay it off. I talked to the sales rep and we worked out a terrible deal for me but great from them on my trade value (I didn’t learn how bad it was until after the fact) They shorted my trade over 1k based on bogus information input into the calculator. I can’t prove it because they just showed me, leasson learned never trust a sales person. We went over the cars in their lot and the dealer suggested a 2004 Volvo S60, it was an okay looking car – but that I didn’t care about I just wanted a car that was good mechnically I didn’t require bells & wistles. Test driv went okay but only went around the block. I agreed to purchase the car signed the papers. | 1st – they made me drive to norristown to use their tag place which took another hour – they didn’t come with me or give me directions as I’m not familiar with the area and I just lost my car with GPS. I left the tag place and the gas light came on… wow they left no gas, so I drove 5 miles so far. Filled the tank – didn’t even make it 10 miles toward home whent he check engine light came on 5 miles later the car just died. So I’m stuck on the side of the road. Called the dealer I mean I haven’t driven 20 miles, but they can do nothing the car is mine. Way to stick by your product. | My mechanic fixed all that was wrong with it to get it running ($1500) and there is still over 3k that needs to be done. The dealer raved about their mechanics but did not stand by them. My mechanic informed the biggest issue why it doesn’t run is because the plugs were wrong… not just wrong type but completely wrong size… so all 5 plugs and coils needed to be replaced.. The break rotors are spewing my mechanic for my benefit called it rust dust. All the shocks/struts were goners.. the check engine light was one for over 10k miles and had been reset repeatedly in the past 3 months (that is tracked in the computer so I”m told). | I have written to them repeatedly, I believe they should pay for at least 1/2 these repairs as I am sure they were known issues to them. | I could have bought a cheap Brand new car for what this lemon is costing me. They know I have no recourse so they just completely ignore me.


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