Senior Sales Inc. Review


Thanks to all those who have reported on senior sales. Fortunately for me i saw these reports prior to investing in any “pre-set appointments” from senior sales of plano. Tx. | I just wanted to add my experience with bella thorne and senior sales to that of others. When i called to get details of their lead program bella thorne was very pleasant and accomodating. That is, until i asked for the name and phone number of a satisfied customer in my area. Since bella told me they had been in business more than a decade, and since i live in the 6th largest us city, phoenix, az, i suggested to her that they must have agents in maricopa countyphoenix) using their lead program. She assured me they did, but said they never gave out client phone numbers. I accepted that, and then asked if she could have one of her customers in my area call me. Her response was she could menttion it, but she didn’t like intruding on her clients who might be far too busy to be bothered by such a request. I said that having been in sales for 40 years, if i was pleased with a service such as that offered by senior sales, i would be happy to take 20 minutes to provide a testimony to help another agent, as well as the company providing me the service. She then said she would mention it to a few of her customers when she had a chance. I took that to mean i should not hold my breath in anticipation of a call. | I then reviewed the testimonials of “satisfied customers” listed on the senior sales website. Their testimonials included their names as well as the comminity and state in which they resided, or had an office. So with that information i went to the website of the insurance depts for the various states referenced to check on the license status of those providing testimonials on behalf of senior sales. There were three testimonials from agents domiciled in ca. Where i had sold insurance for 35+ years. All three individuals were listed with the ca state dept of insurance. All three were also listed as having “inactive” insurance licenses. I tried the same research for three others providing testimonials. Two of the three were not listed as having insurance licenses in the states they appeared to be from. The third was an agent from scotsdale, az whose physical address per the az dept of insurance is not far from me. His phone number was available through the az dept of ins website, so i have called him on several occasions. The phone is answered by a recording that does not indicated that it is a business phone, but neverthe less i have left messages for him to call me. If he ever responds, i will update this report with his comments. | When i suggested to bella thorne that senior sales might want to update their website testimonials with testimonials from clients still in the business, she got very abrupt with me and said the license status of their clients was none of their business. I then asked why she was getting so belligerant with me when all i was tryong to do was make a suggestion to improve their marketing program. She then said they didn’t really need any help.


  • Name: Senior Sales Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Plano
  • Address: 2300 McDermott Dr Ste 200-272
  • Phone: 1-800-656-2426
  • Website:

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