Sensa Dallas Oregon Review


I bought into the Sensa add on TV that said try your first month for free. So I did. I did not know that what I had just purchased would adversley affect my health. It was advertised as an all natural product with no side effects. Sensa month one helped me lose weight but not without side effects. I had constipation, intestinal blockage, headaches, nasea,headaches and every time I would ask someone on the website about it they said drink more water it will pass.After hearing many of my fellow group members had been experiencing some of the same problems and worse like rectal bleeding I decided to stop using this product. I believe the Sensa corporation is keeping known side effects from their clients just to sell their product.They need to come clean and quit telling lies about their product. I have a intestinal condition called diverticulousos I would never have tried this product if I had known about these side effects.

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