Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Fort Worth Texas


Complaint: We were scammed by Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. I received a Service Dog for my Type 1 Diabetes, from Warren Retrievers in Madison, Virginia for nearly $20,000. The Dog is now 3.5 years old, and does not alert to my blood sugars as Dan Warren (owner) of Warren Retrievers claims he provides. Many families are also in this same group of receiving a dog that does not alert to Type 1 Diabetes. Warren Retrievers would send a trainer, every 3-6 months for a two day training session, in which the trainers never knew exactly how to correct the problems with the scent detection with the dog. When the dog was only 1 year of age, the Company actually delayed training with our Service Dog for about 14 months before we saw them again. The response was always given from the trainers, “the dog is still a puppy

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Address: and he will grow out of that trait/bad behavior.”” Our family fully paid the debt to Warren

Website: the return phone calls/ emails from the Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers stopped occurring. We have filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office of Virginia

Phone: as soon as we could which was immediately following delivery of the “”service dog”” when he was only 4 months old! Once we had paid our $20

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