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Bank of America trippled my interest rate without cause and tacked on about $1000 that I did not owe. They would not take payments and insisted on payment in full despite the fact that they knew I was unemployed. I couldn”t pay, so they sued me. They used Sessoms and Rogers. I worked out a payment plan with them and they promised that the judgement would be halted if I started making payments. I made payments and sent it in along with paperwork. They sent copies of the paperwork back to me, but said they never received the checks. Fishy. The judgement that they promised would stop, went on and of course I was ordered to pay. So, now I have yet another blemish on my credit despite the fact that I tried to rememdy the situation before court was even an issue. They are souless. They will harass you to no end. They will lie to you and try to ruin your life.

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