Set em Up Canada Review


I believed their lies in the beginning and am ashamed to say that I talked people into donating money to Set em Up Canada, the group preys mostly on elderly people who aren’t knowlegable of today’s scams. | They had me approach people asking for donations, I was told to tell people that Set em up Canada is a charity that works with Kidsport and that 100% of the money would go to help underprivledged kids afford sport. | I later found out that Set em Up Canada is a “for profit charity” meaning that they the owners get to keep all the profits. They are not a charity, and they are not involved with kids Sports. | So in reality not a penny of the millions raised will go to help any kids. Instead it just goes to enrich the Owners. | There facebook page and BBB lists the Owners as Matt Mcbride and Catherine Turner. However I am not sure if those are actually their real names or not. | They pay under the table and since I was desperate for money I decided to take the job. | I was lied to and I at first believed that this was a legitimate charity. As soon as I found out that this was a fraud scam I quit immediately. | I feel horrible for all the customers I defrauded. | I want to get this post out there so that more people aren’t dragged into this scam. They try to hire you under the name Halo Advertising then pitch you on the Set em Up Canada Scheme | I am not a criminal and would have never been involved in this Fraud had I known the truth from the beggining.


  • Name: Set em Up Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Calgary, Alberta
  • Address: 4620 Manilla Rd, SE
  • Phone: 403 473 8521
  • Website:

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