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Complaint: After a good sales pitch I fell for appointment/lead generation program for Realtors. I paid $1700 for a promise of 12 scheduled appointments with serious home sellers over the next 6 months (now they say it is a year, but that isn’t what it says in the agreement). As part of the program I would also receive leads of those not ready to make an appointment yet, but expressed interest in selling within a 15 mile radius of my desired location. This second part is what convinced me to give them a try. Unfortunately (9 months later now) I have never received an appointment and have only received a handful of leads that were not in Milwaukee’s inner city. Of those 8 leads I accepted I was only ever able to reach one, who in the end decided not to sell. SetSchedule also has lists of other potential sellers that you can download by zip code. I downloaded all the 28 names they offered in 53132 only to find that all but 2 had already sold over the previous 12 months. Needless to say this is a scam. I have tried calling to get a refund, but they claim to not give refunds and besides my 12 months isn’t up yet (it says 6 in the agreement). They say they will increase advertising in my area to deliver their commitment, but I haven’t heard anything from them since my complaints (3 months now). Now they won’t even return my phone calls.Realtors. Stay away!! This is a SCAM!

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