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Complaint: Dropped it off on a Tuesday. Theodore Kenneth Sever ken looked at it on a Wednesday. On Thursday he installed some parts which he was 90% certain would fix the problem. He was wrong. Friday went by. No contact. Monday at 3pm I called him. He said he believed he knew what part is causing the problem and he will try to have it sent via overnight shipping. Tuesday, the part isn’t there. I call him and let his assistant knowthat I have to pick up mycar the next day. Theen, for the first time in the process, Ken actually takes the initiative to call me. His reason for calling me is that he is quite upset by me needing my car back. That’s it. Other than that, I don’t believe this guy would have ever called me and my car would just be sitting there in his lot like the dozens of other cars that are sitting out there on the grass. So he informs me that once the part is installed, it needs to be programmed and he uses a mobile mechanic to do the programming, and of course we are at their mercy when it comes to how soon they can come out and resolve the problem. I tell him I have to pick the car up on Wednesday. He gets upset, yet he ultimately made it happen. So I pick the car up on Wednesday which is 8 days from when I dropped it off. I was more than clear right from the beginning that I could not be without the vehicle for more than a week. Turns out my car only needed one single part, He charges me a total of $1355.28! He also tells me that for all the parts he’s only going to charge me what the parts cost him. The parts I didn’t need came to $179 plus tax, which, after ding some research, I found out they go for much less than that. He also charges me $756 plus tax for the part that I needed. It’s a rebuilt transmission control module, part number 24239062. These rebuilt modules go for under $200, just about anywhere you look. He gouged me. He also charged me $149 for the mobile mechanic. I actually saw their invoice to him. It was $130. His labor charge was $222. Bottom line, you’ll be better off taking your vehicle to a legit shop, like Aamco or Pep Boys or Midas. They won’t be cheap either but they will be cheaper than Ken and they won’t dilly dally. This should have been a 3 day job at about $800 plus tax. This shop is a rip off.

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Address: 25 Hwy 24/27 West Midland, North Carolina USA



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