Sewing Fine Things and More Los Angeles California Review


I ordered a Disney Cars toilet seat cover set from this company or person or whatever bullsh*t thing this is on August 8th 2014. I was creating a Disney Cars theme for my son’s bathroom. I also ordered a bunch of other stuff (at least 15 things) through Amazon and other sites, some of which got shipped as far as Hong Kong. Things didn’t make sense when I received every single item from everywhere else, but have yet to receive my item from Sewing Fine Things and More.I went onto their website. I texted the provided number (330-608-0278) on August 21st. It says on the website you can CALL OR TEXT. Never received a response.I e-mailed the address provided ([email protected]). I received a response the 22nd (Friday) saying “Yes. It is coming soon””. On Monday

Aug 25th

I responded asking for a tracking number or when the item was shipped. Never received a response.FUNNY THING IS

on Friday August 22nd

I ordered one more item I needed from Amazon. I received this item on August 27th. BUT STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED MY ITEM FROM THIS BULLSH*T A** WEBSITE. Interesting

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