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I purchased form Doba a Drop Shipper company a 15 month contracy to sell there products on January 21,2016. I had three days to decide keep the business or ask for a refund. I signed on to the web site on January 21 and 22 to look at products and decided to cancel. I had 2 other web site I was working on and a 3rd would be to much. Plus i work a full time job. I talked to Mark Elkington and said I can’t cancel by email to prove I want a refund. I have to write a letter a be post marked by three days on January 22,2016. So i wait for my visa reund in Feburary an dit missed the deadline. So I waited till March 1,2016 and no refund. So I called Mark Elkington about the refund and told me he would work on it. But all he did was tellme about Doba and the products. I said I can’t work on 3 websites, I have 2 already. I said maybe some time in the future I look into Doda. That was it. Mark keep caling me and no refund in my April bill. So Mark called on April 22,2016 and ask how the business is doing and I told him all along I don’t want to work for Doba. I have been on the website only 2 times. Maybe some time in the future, no month or date. Mark called his boss Seth Powell and had to go over all my files and phone records. Seth would not give a refund also because it was not pass the 90 days. He would call and say I wanted to do the business and was dragging his feet. Seth would not return my calls for two or three weeks every time I called. He said he would take $200.00 one time and $400.00 off the refund and I said no. My credit card company tried to help on May2,2016 to get my refund and no luck. This has been dragging all summer and I’m out of option for my $699.00. I told Seth i would call BBB and he said he would noth give me a refund. So my letter was worthless to me asking for a refund, a letter sent by email would have been my record to use against Doba.THanks for your help.

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