Sgt. Nyree Wilson – Baltimore, Maryland Maryland


Sergeant Nyree Wilson from Baltimore is a Marine corps recruiter. She established a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with my husband. She knew he had a wife and kids but she still tried to pursue my husband. They would video chat and text and call each other while he made excuses to come home late from work or he couldn’t speak with me. She seeks attention and complements constantly and doesn’t care if she were to ruin a marriage or family. She wanted to enter in to a sexual relationship with my husband but he stopped that from happening. Emotionally he cheated on me and him not being in a stable place due to the loss of his brother is no excuse. She took advantage of the situation thinking she can be the other woman in the long term. I hope karma gets her and hits her on the way out for how much pain she caused me and my family. Nyree Wilson you are a HOMEWRECKER. I’m not surprised your so called marriage didn’t even last a year. Keep preying on young black males you selfish POS. Don’t ever mess with me again because I will take you down in every way possible and leave you in the dust. Your no queen your scum.

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