Shaffer Hyundai Review


| I purchased a new 2011 Sonata. In November of 2014 the engine ceased. I was just over my 100000 miles and was told there was nothing I or they could do except replace the engine for about 7000$. My only option at the time was to trade it in for a signifigant loss. I found a 2013 Certified pre-owned Sonata for 16995$ at the same dealership. I was told because it was a used car, they could do “creative financing”… meaning the increased my trade-in value and then increased the cost off the vehicle to 21999$ to compensate for the difference. | Fast Forward to July 2015, There was a campaign for the engine failure and I called to submit my claim, with the vehicle being bought by one of the service technicians at Shaffer. I called 6-7 times to follow up with no response. | In October of 2015, I was involved in a minor accident, tapped in the bumper from behind by a van. | The damage was so minor, all that was needed was the bumper to be repainted and a reflector replaced. I brought it to the repair shop and dropped it off. Within and hour, I was called by the body shop, they had asked me to come to the shop ASAP…that there was an issue. | When I arrived at the body shop, my car was on a rack and the bumper cover had been removed. 3 body technicians and the shop owner pointed out to me that the car had been in a sigifigant accident… the whole back end of the vehicle had been replaced, the frame rails were severely damaged, the replacement parts were put in incorrectly, there were missing welds, and the misalligned part were filled in with caulk and painted. They needed to document the damage as to not be responsible for the trouble. | I called Hyundai Motor Corp. and they set an appointment for me at Shaffer, only telling them to have their service technicians to look under the car/bumper. After the repairs were completed at the body shop, they took photos, and wrote a letter stating the extent of the damage, I brought the car to the dealership. | They put the car on the lift and preceded to tell me nothing was wrong. Basically it was a used car and I couldn’t prove the dmage didn’t come from my accident. I provided them with the documentation and they changed their tune when they found out the Hyundai was the one that make the appointment. They gave me a loaner from the lot and sent me on my way. | over a month went by with nothing. I then received a call from the G.M. saying he needed his car back. | I went to the dealership..his compromise was for me to trade in my car…but I would need to get the money from the 2011 engine to recoup the upside down cost of the vehicle, they were not going to take a loss. He told me to give me the keys to the loaner and basically told me to screw off. | I worked diligently on getting the reimburement for the 2011 engine. I finally received a call last week… because of the “creative financing”…the paperwork doesnt show a loss on the trade-in!!!! They woud give me 250$…are you kidding me. | Bottom line… I am driving around with my children in a car that would fold like an accordian if hit hard from behind, I am upside down on the car, and they won’t take the car back from me. | Also, they gave me an Autockeck printout instead of the Carfax when I purchased the vehicle…the reports were very different. And…if they truly did the 150 point inspection..they would have seen the damage when they checked for the spare tire and when checking the brakes after removing the tire. None of which they could have done!!!!!!


  • Name: Shaffer Hyundai
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Merrillville
  • Address: 1000 West U. S. Hwy 30
  • Phone: (877) 794-0358
  • Website:

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