Shaina King aka Mackie Sweetz Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


My husband and I have been married 16 years, have 3 children. He met this girl through mutual friends in November and she befriended me, painted me pictures, ate dinner with us. She seemed like a cool girl. Like any marriage we had daily struggles and she came over in February and had some drinks during the Super Bowl. She asked me if she could crash on my couch. Her being a friend of mine, I said sure! I went to work. Apparently while I was at work she had sex with my husband in MY bed, with my children sleeping in the next room. When I came home from work the next morning she asked if she could borrow a pair of my uniform pants (since we both worked in the medical field) so she wouldn’t have to drive all the way home. Sure! I said and she left (without taking a shower I might add). Well my husband and I made up without me knowing about this particular affair, he decreased his contact with her. She continued to come over every Sunday for dinner and hang out with BOTH of us watching a popular television series. He was distancing himself so then it was drama drama drama, she was calling him at work “I’m going to kill myself unless you come over” and “How about I send pics to your wife of the two of us?” A week ago they were at a mutual friend’s house and she wanted to “talk” he didn’t want to there was nothing to “talk” about. So he left to come home. She called/texted numerous times. He wouldn’t answer so she proceeded to send me a text about their relationship and a pic of the two of them kissing. Trying to convince me to kick him out and texting him at the same time that “I love you and I always will” and “I can make you happy”. || When I wouldn’t make him leave she turned on me because he told her straight out “I will never forgive you, I never want to ever talk to you again, no we can’t be friends”. She started texting me and calling me names saying the only reason she even told me was because the “guilt” was eating her alive. The guilt was not earring you up when you were sitting on my couch next to me sharing a blanket, watching TV, eating my food, drinking my beer, with your feet propped up on my leg huh? Then she has the nerve to call me a fat fucking psycho. 1) Why because my husband is on his knees begging for forgiveness and telling me that he doesn’t want to be with you? That makes me a psycho? Or how about 2) if I’m fat then so are you cause you wore my pants!!! || Keep your man away from this chick, she is bipolar and has no remorse for anyone or anything. She manipulated my husband for time, money and material objects with her antics.

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