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Complaint: We have seen CFS/CPS here in Redding CA harm many families. Originally this was an organization created to protect children. It is a shame that due to money granted for children to be adopted out who were in foster care, back when President Clinton was president, this has spurred an increase in greed among this industry to abound. Children have become a commodity for this agency, as it keeps their bonuses and grant money coming in and gives them job security. They look to take and keep children for their own profit. The majority of the CFS organization in Redding CA also, upon investigation, shows a desire to have power over helpless parents whom they take pride in threatening, which is incredibly abusive. We have seen families torn apart and witnessed how social workers all the way up the chain of command cover up the real abuse that goes on in the foster homes. Yet they, at the same time intensely exaggerate at an alarming statistic whatever they may to remove kids from biological parents. It is a travesty in deed that they turn a blind eye when their own social workers abuse children, as well as tuck under the rug, sort of speak, when these foster homes the children are placed in abuse the children. The majority of these children who were taken by CFS had not seen abuse until they were placed into foster care. Mind you, not all foster homes are bad and not every social worker is corrupt. And there are some, very few circumstances, where children are better off apart from their parents. This agency is in desperate need of reform.The majority of those currently working for Redding CA CFS/CPS are trained to lie to get away with dividing families and removing children. Judge Bigelow has been known to act illegally within the CFS court. The public defenders have been investigated and found to continue to not do any real defending for parents who are low income and can not afford proper attorneys. Without proper representation, parents who love their kids are not given a fair trial. Kids are removed within mere minutes and investigations show this happens due to multiple social workers fabricating reports to the single court judge who works only on the behalf of CFS in their own private courtroom. It has been seen that in most of the cases had the truth been told which could have happened with proper attorneys, there was no real evidence to remove the majority of these children in Redding CA. Evidence is piling up against workers all the way up to the supervisors and the program manager Amber Middleton. Amber Middleton, upon investigation, takes a twisted sense of pride in her “masters in psychology”” and that her way of being pushy and forceful to the point of being a large bully to parents is “”why she has the job she has.”” She uses her degree to manipulate parents as well as those under her as she takes pride in being the big “”boss”” and shows all who meet her she must be in charge at any cost

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Address: especially to the detriment of children

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Phone: she insists to do whatever it takes to make parents cower to her or else she keeps their children and lies to do so. The newest Deputy Director Dianna Wagner follows suit and continues to lie like the majority of them there are encouraged to do. It is interesting how this investigation is playing out as more and more corruption within this department unravels. Time will tell if Maxine Wada

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