This disgusting excuse for a human being had sex with her first cousin, my husband. I found out that they were having an affair that started months ago, perhaps even years. They can’t deny it because I have video proof and text message proof that dates back to 07/01/19 at least. The footage and messages are nasty for a standard affair but amongst cousins, it is beyond repulsive plus she looks like an umpa lumpa.
Yes, I know, it takes two to tango, but she is the one that initiated the sex with her own first cousin. She would always call him to c*m help her with something and she would get him drunk and I know that she took advantage of one of those drunken stupors to initiate sex with him. Alcohol is no excuse and they only did what they would have done anyway but this just goes to show you how manipulative she is. She’s 5’ tall and weighs upwards of 300 lbs. and has rolls upon rolls upon rolls…imagine Jabba the Huts sister, her humongous lopsided b**bs are stained and nasty looking because of several botched up jobs, so the only way she can get a man to f*ck her is by getting him drunk first. In the video, she’s the one c*ming on to her cousin. This woman is so gross!
I’ve known her for 29 years and have treated her like family, heck…SHE IS family! I’ve had an open-door policy at my house for her and would have given her a place to live if she were every homeless and this is how she repays me. I and the entire family have always knew that she was a low life slut that couldn’t get a man of her own ever, so she always stalked and slept with married men (her two children were with a man that was still with his wife and kids during both this sl*ts pregnancies. I feel so bad for those two kids) but we never in a million years expected her to stoop to such repulsive levels as to f*ck her own full blood first cousin and carry on an affair.
As I said before, she’s 5? tall and weighs about 300 lbs. and the only reason she gets these men is because she gives EVERYONE her a$$, amongst other disgusting things that she does that no self-respecting woman would ever do. Her own children hate her (I guess that should have been a red flag right there) and her adult son even commented when he found out about her f*cking her cousin that “it doesn’t surprise me.” I also clearly remember once when he was a teenager and there was a party at their house, he made a comment that someone needs to install a revolving door to his mother’s bedroom. Can you imagine what these poor children have had to deal with if that is the view they have of their mother.
She is also a raging alcoholic and that would only be a personal issue if it weren’t for the fact that she is an Uber driver and I know for a fact that she has gone directly to work after getting wasted with her cousin. It also wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she has unprotected sex with the random passengers she picks up. I even told her that I was going to tell other family members about what was going on and her response was “I have no family, I have no friends, I don’t care about anyone, so go ahead b*tch, they already know that I’m a wh*re.” NO JOKE!
If you ever catch sight of her, please be careful with this c*m dumpster as she cares for only herself and because she doesn’t even care about her own family, she doesn’t care what other family’s destruction and chaos she leaves in her wake. If you’re a man, rest assured that she is not giving you anything for free…well, maybe she’s giving you a sexually transmitted disease. She’s been married 4 or 5 times, I lost count and she has cheated on every single one of her husbands. So please think twice as she’s not worth it and if you leave your wife and family for her, she will just be f*#$ing the next guy that c*ms along and you will be left in the dust with nothing and no one, just like her and trust me, from someone that knows, SHE WON’T CARE!
So many woman (wives, girlfriends, etc.) are after her that the address that you find online for her is her home but she has that one rented out and she’s opened a PO box but she lives in an efficiency. She also has two separate cell phone numbers to try and throw these woman off her scent but if you are one of these woman, keep at it because if you don’t, you’re husband will most likely bring home some type of disease to you that he catches from f*cking this c*m dumpster up the a$$.
She goes by multiple names:
Maydelin Matilla
Maydelin Acosta
Maydelin Matilla-Acosta
Maydelin Acosta-Matilla
And she also uses the name “May”.

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