Sheldon’s Hobbies Review


SHELDONS HOBBIES IS A PURE RIP OFF! | This company has been around for a while and it has nothing but issues with customers. There is 2 owners that go by Andy Douglas and AJ Douglas. | They are money driven evil people. I know these people PERSONALLY and have always been appaled at the things they do to make a dollar. The reason for my report is that enough is enough…..They were trying to get another hobby shop shut down and that hobby shop was my friend. I walked in on Andy talking crap about them and I told them they cant get the ther store shut down…He told me to get out…So I did, when I came back he physically got in my face and started cussing and swearing and I got it all recorded on my phone….They dont pay their employees correctly IF AT ALL. They sell under MAP policy, they also dnt pay tax…..They are KNOWN for not paying employees… | Wouldnt you think that if every single emplyee you ever hired talked bad abut you that obviously your doing something wrong? This hobby shop really needs to be shut down..There is much better hobby shops with real people and genuine feelings….. | Sheldons Hobbies will not fix rc cars that have been sitting for months and then charge the customer for parts they never put in…..The owner Andy has numerous run ins with custmers and arguments….it’s a weekly thing…They follow NO rules when it coms to being a dealer…. | One time they kicked an employee out because he was upset he didn’t get paid. THE GUY WAS HOMELESS….He called the cops but the cops said it has to be taken up in court as a lawsuit..the poor guy was homeless and on a bike…Both Aj and Andy were playing the guy…Andy said to wait for AJ and AJ was hiding in the back.. | I have met over 50 people that go to this Hobby Store and they all AGREE they need to be shut down. They buy all their products from the distributors below. Please if you know what I’m talking about contact the distributors and let them know to stop before a serious lawsuit happens…..Someone is going to get hurt when this old Andy guy get’s worked up.


  • Name: Sheldon’s Hobbies
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Jose
  • Address: 5681 Snell Ave #2
  • Phone: 408-478-4271
  • Website:

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