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I was referred to Roger Couture for Business funding in January 2015. Roger said for $7,000 I would receive an aged corporation, 7-10 business tradelines, a paydex score and corporate funding up to $250,000. Roger sent me his drivers license, social security card and birth certificate to prove he was real person and a lawyer. I entered into a contracct with Shelfrich on January 29th and was promised that the process takes up to 120 days to complete the round of funding. After the 120 day period, is when Roger starte with all the excuses about my tradelines, saying he forgot to put them in this month, and that it would fund next month. I requested my refund in July of 2015. Roger contacted me saying that my file is almost complete, just hang in there until the following month. Month after month he explained that his business partner ran off with all the money to post the tradelines, that his business partner is a Pastor and a registered child moletser. He went on to explain that he needed come up with the money to replace the money stolen in order to fulfill his promises. Roger bought himslef some more time, until I requested another refund in October, he said my money would refunded in 30 business days, I let him know that if I didn’t receive my refund I would call the Feds on him, he went on to say that he does not want to go to jail, that he has done the same thing to 34 more people. I emailed Roger about my refund due on December 3rd, he went on to say that my refund date was not December 3rd, but December 23rd, which he claims is 30 business days from October 22nd. I have not heard from Roger since or receive my refund. I had the person who referred me to him contact him from an unknown number and he answered the phone and when asked if he would refund my money he said he would. I called him shortly after and he did not answer.

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