Shell Vacations Club Complaint


A rep of this company booked a presentation for four of us (me and my wife and another couple). As reward, we got discount on a gift. Last Sunday we drove to SF fisherman’s wharf Shell vacations, they rescheduled me and my wife because she forgot to bring her ID, and allowed my friends to complete the show. Today we went to the company with all the documents they requested, and they claimed we are not qualified. We told them we had gone through qualification check twice and no question were brought up before. They promised they will fix this mistake tomorrow because the manager is off on Sunday. But I checked my credit card today and just found out they actually already charged me for full gift prices two days ago, even including the money for my friends who had already did the presentation. This is absolutely cheating!!! From all the experiences that I had with Shell, I really feel this company is unfriendly, dishonest, not worth a bit trust. All they care is to dig out more money from you and me. After reading all these complaints, I realized that I am lucky that this thing happened early so we can see their real face. I will never ever think about their so-called “beneficial” programs even though I love traveling around.

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