Shelly N. Bell – Leitchfield, Kentucky Kentucky


Shelly N Bell, ( aka Shelly N. Lindsey, aka Shelly Lindsey, aka Lindsey Shelly aka Shelly N Milan) was dating Joey Baxter but decided to cheat with his brother Dustin Baxter knowing that he is married. Shelly Bell and Dustin Baxter began having an affair while Dustin’s wife was suffering from a back injury which led to multiple surgeries.For over a year while recovering from surgeries Dustin’s wife would be working to pay the family bills, the two would be out screwing. At some point Shelly Bell decides to cheat some more and starts screwing Dustin and Joey Baxter’s nephew Chris Sebastian. What a skank. When Shelly Bell isn’t stealing zanax from her mother she is stealing items of value from her stepfather to pawn, then buying method for herself and whatever drug of choice for the fellow she is screwing at the time. When she gets caught stealing and doing drugs she simply swears under oath, he made me do it. Just ask Chris Sebastian. Thankfully child protective services are not as billable as her parents. They have have removed her young boys from her custody multiple times due to her drug use and neglect.

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