Sherilynn (Sheri) Kearns-Fisher – Not so smug now are ya!?!? Ohio


This smug btch will steal your man using any means necessary. Shes currently on her 3rd husband, whom has filed for divorce. She has 3 children that she has no contact with, one was put up for adoption. As of present she’s in a court ordered rehab instead of serving her remaining prison term for aggravated arson which means somebody was in the home when she lit the fire. She has a criminal record from New Mexico to Akron Ohio (summit county). She does not care if you’re married, dating, have children, no life is more important than hers. She’s a drug addict and she’ll sleep with your man for dope. She’ll sleep with him for random trips or just because she can. She’s not prejudice she’ll sleep with you too especially if that means she can get to your man. She does not have a single “friend” that she hasn’t had a sexual relationship with. She fakes psychotic episodes to make him feel sorry for her, she’ll promise him the world and pretend to care long enough to get whatever she wants then toss him out like trash. She preys on mentally ill men and wealth. If he appears to have money she’ll strike. If he appears to have money and is ill she’s even faster to strike. I’ve been on her *ss since December of 2018 and I’m not backing down any time soon. So ladies if you see this hoe near your man be quick to run interference, because “what Sheri wants, Sheri gets!”

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