Sherman industries islip New York


Complaint: I was an employee of sherman industries for about one year. Recently they have been behind on our pay by sometimes months at a time. On June 20th 2014 they told about 40 of the employees including myself to take off the following week to give them time to collect the money they owe everyone. It’s now Thursday June 26th and we were all told we are fired and we are not getting any money. We also got told got to whoever you want including the department of labor you’re still not getting any money. The owners of this company commit multiple felonies on a daily basis including tax evasion and out right rob the costumers of deposits. Every one of them belongs in a prison cell for what they do to people. Not caring if there employees are getting evicted or have hungry kids at home they just don’t care. And it needs to stop. Companies like this is why unions exist.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 98 bond street westbury, New York USA



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