She’s Got Crabs Review


Don’t waste your money. These people are a rip off. I ordered two dozen of their “Monsters”, which are supposed to be Extra Large/Jumbo size. Nearly all of the crabs were BARELY 6″ point to point, with only two at 6.5″. All were light, and we found that they cooked several dead crabs. Blah! I gave them another shot a month later because they were close to home. Damn.. same thing. And FYI, THESE ARE NOT MARYLAND CRABS according to the owner. They’re from Louisiana – the most polluted state in the nation. I’d go back and say something, but these people don’t care. They have a bad attitude. There’s a reason they take cash only (and snatch it right out of your hand). I, for one, will never give them another dollar of my money. You shouldn’t either. Consider yourself informed. .

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