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Complaint: Shirestone countertops installed in my house are defective! I was told that they would not have to be reseal for at least 5 years or maybe longer. They were installed May 2007. With in the first two years they were resurfaced and sealed twice and the product is again peeling. I have attempted to get resolutions with Shirestone Custom Countertops and have had no luck. I have been told by the person who is not a Shirestone rep that this is a faulty product with the list of complaint growing in my geographic location. I was told Contractor who install this product are not allowed to purchase the produce from Shirestone until they are trained and become approved installers for Shirestone. I was also told the installers had to travel to the Shirestone location to be trained in aspects of the product. After the initial installation the product was sticky and would not dry. The original installer resurfaced it once. Within the first year, the resurfaced countertops starting peeling. I contacted Shirestone and they had someone else come out and do warranty work on the product. It appears the original installer was no longer installing the product and had basically gone into hiding. Once again, the sealer starting peeling off in sheets, you can actually see the remaining sealant rising from the counter tops. All together I have approximately 50 square feet of none usable countertop space in my kitchen. I am embarrassed to have guest in my kitchen due to the faulty countertops. I cannot prepare food on the countertops for fear of getting sealant or knows what in or on food products. I don’t feel that it is a safe surface for preparing meals even though I was told it was perfectly safe for all food preparation. I have not used any harsh chemical on the countertops even though I was told that they could be cleaned with any household cleaners. I was also told that just wiping them with mild soap and water would be fine because they are not porous and would not absorb bacteria. The areas where the sealant has peeled appears to be very porous. It was very difficult to locate and find contact information for Shirestone. When I did contact them they were very willing to do anything. I have contacted the BBB in the state where Shirestone is located with no help what so ever. I did receive a threating letter from Shirestone warning me not to talk about their product or installer. In the letter they stated they would take legal action against me for slander. I am not sure but, I think Shirestone has now started a new business installing the same product, but doing business under another company name. My warning to everyone would be when you hear the words poured continuous countertops and it isnt a concrete, cement product, dont walk but ran as fast as you can in the other direction! You too could find yourself in the situation.

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