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Complaint: On 10/07/2009 I ordered a body kit from and on 10/09/2009 the took $518 out of my account. I received an e-maiol stating my bodykit will ship in 14 – 21 days. I then called 1-866-758-9164 on 10/14/2009 to see if it had shipped since I had not received a confermation e-mail. The girl advised me that a pice of my kit was on back order and my order is now processing and my bodykit should ship next week. I called the same number on 10/22/2009 and was advised that my order is still processing and should ship next week. I waited again and called on 10/30/2009 and asked if they are a scam, the lady advised me that they have been in business for 15 years and wouldn’t have any customers if they were a scam, I told her I have been waiting for my body kit and every time I call they tell me it will be shipped next week every week! The girl told me to call Norby at 626-820-1370 who works in the warehouse in California and opens at 10:00am PST. I called at 10:00am on 10/30/2009 and spoke with Norby who is the one who answered the phone, I asked him what is going on with my bodykit and when will it ship, he said that they no longer sell the side skirts I ordered and the bumber goes to a 2 door not a 4 door but the have my front bumber available. WHY is selling something on line that they don’t actually sell and WHY have I not received and notice that they do not sell the side skirts!!!! Not even a notice that the back bumber I ordered would not fit my car, Norby said I was e-mailed as to what was going on with my order but I WAS NOT!!! I check my e-mail every day waiting for a shipping confermation and NOTHING!!! Norby said that if I want to check out his web site that I can upgrade for free and get something better for no extra cost and it will ship next week. I called 1-866-758-9164 and spoke with the guy and said I am tierd of hearing next week I want a refund!! He said OK and he would refund immitiatly, I called 2 hours later and spoke with the girl and when she looked up my order number it is no showing that it was to be canceled and refunded and that she would have to do it because she is in accounting. I told her to refund me NOW and I do not want to do any buisness with them for all the LIES and FRAUD the are pulling! She said they will take 20% of what I paid if they refund I said I don’t care keep $103 but give me my money back!! She said it may take 3 – 4 days to hit my account It has not been 3 – 4 days yet but I don’t have a very good feelig that I will see any of my money again!! DO NOT TRUST when you call the “customer service”” number you can hear little kids in the back ground!!! and they DO NOT carry what they advertise!!! What kind of buisness is that????”

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: Ontario Canada Internet United States of America


Phone: 8667589164

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