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I recently placed an order with this company for which I was immediately billed the full price plus shipping. I waited over 10 days for my item to arrive and finally contacted them through their comment link on their website. A customer service rep emailed me back to inform me that my order had been placed on backorder status. Most reputable online company’s will inform you that an item you are ordering is not instock BEFORE they bill your credit card but not this one. nWhen I expressed displeasure I was told thAt I could cancel the order if I chose which I did. I received another email telling me that they would refund the purchase price minus the shipping charges which was not refundable. nHow can their be a shipping charge if the item is not in stock. nI contacted them again demanding a FULL refund and was told this time that they had in fact shipped my item but to the wrong address and they would still not refund the shipping charges. nAm I wrong? Is it unreasonable for me to expect a full refund for something I never received? Why should I have to pay a surcharge for their incompetance!!!! nDon’t do business with these idiots! nStevenTulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.

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