Sick_Moto rooseveltown New York


Complaint: Ebay Buyers Beware once more. It calls itself SICK_MOTO and has this “sick”” name on ebay. He just ripped me off for 27.17$. Its not much money

Tags: Motorcycles

Address: but you would think that a person who has the highest title on ebay as a top seller would HONOR his email promise he made me to refund me once I returned the item.Not the case. This broken down biker thieves has no honor when it comes to money.Here is how it all played out…I bought the item and it was way too big. I contacted the seller and he told me to send it back for a full refund. It all seemed legit and worthy at the time of good feedback. I went ahead and made a HUGE mistake by leaving him a positive when he deserved a neg for not refund me

Website: and seriously misled on 2 occasions.He contacted me and did get it back but much to my chagrin

Phone: and screwing me dry out of my $$$.Of course by his feedback and his top seller status

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