Signtronix Mount Vernon Illinois


Complaint: I bought two 6foot long X 32inches tall full color RGB message centers with great graphics that i can put my logo and pictures on.Thats not what i got the signs came in after i payed for them they where only 32inches tall and the graphics are horribble. I call the sales guy Greg and told him that these are not the right size or the graphicesyou told me. he said he would come look at them. He never showed up. So i called Singtronix they wouldn’t don anything they said thats what i ordered i told them it was not and i told them i even have the text message that Greg sent me of the size of the sign. they didn’t care. I talked to two deffrent people from signtronix and explained the situation they just keep saying thats what i ordered i asked if i could just send them back and get my money back the said no!!! They are Horrible company!!! And have the worst sales reps they are very pushy!!!

Tags: Sales People

Address: Nationwide USA

Website: www.signtronix/


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