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I was charged for product and weeks later, when I inquired, I was told the product was on back order with a date to be received in another two to three weeks. I called again and then again and each time the product was on back order and was soon to arrive – and a tracking number was promised as well. I finally got suspicious and cancelled my order and then immediately got my credit card company involved. Silicon Solar said they would be refunding my money right away but they true to form, delayed and delayed, and stalled. Thankfully, my credit card company refunded me my money in full and then started investigating Silicon Solar. Silicon Solar first claimed I had received the merchandise but never returned it to them, and then changed their tune and said they had sent me a refund in a check. Not only did I never recieve the merchandise, I never received a check from them, nor a tracking number evidencing my receipt of the shipment, nor a copy of the canceled check. Throughout my interaction with Silicon Solar I kept email records of all communications with Silicon Solar and I provided that to my credit card company. After my credit card company contacted Silicon Solar again after they disputed my claim for a refund, Silicon Solar dropped their defense and paid the credit card company. Because I had engaged my credit card company early on and had kept meticulous records of communications, my money was refunded to me and the case is closed. I will never us Silicon Solar again and I am doing what I can on every site I can get to to tell my story. It took me 3 months of back and forth and empty promises before my credit card company resolved the matter for good.

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