Silv Communication Complaint


A few months ago, I received a call from someone on behalf of AT&T. The sales representative asked if we were satisfied with our phone service, and if we were interested in additional savings on our long distance plan. Of course we were interested, what small business wouldn”t be? The salesman had me say my full name, and quickly asked me a number of questions about our phone services, which I said yes to. I didn”t question the person worked for AT&T. Why would I? They called me, and I had spoken to AT&T that morning. Today the owner called AT&T about adding an additional phone line to our business. AT&T pointed out to him that we have two long distance plans, and one is with another provider, Silv Communications. The owner called Silv and was informed that I authorized the long distance plan, and that even had a recording with me stating my name and authorizing the change in our services. When he asked to hear the recording, they said it would take 3 to 5 days. He was then given another number to call and speak to a supervisor. He called and during the conversation, the supervisor hung up! What company operates by deceiving one customer after another, and then avoids handling the complaints their shady business brings them? I”m placing a complaint on here, with the FCC, Georgia”s and California”s Attorney General.

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