Silver Spring Pom Puppies Review


Saw post on Boise Classified.Business offered to ship me 2 puppies, they say they are from Texas, the website says Nevada. No address or phone anywhere.Told me to wire them money from Walmart. Asked them to pay by paypal, they said they couldn’t. It sounded fishy to me. They gave me the website and told me all their info was there in case I had to contact the police… The website has no info… no address, nothing! Just pictures and testimonials and conflicting stories.It said it was a girl going on a scholarship to Canada and had to sell her 2 puppies. Website has a whole bunch of puppies and the 2 they offered me… they kept pressuring me saying others were interested, to hurry…I almost fell by the cuteness… but when they asked me to wire money at Walmart… I stopped.I am not ready to lose $900 to a scam…

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