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Bad Customer Service

I used to think that financial advisors focus on providing excellent customer service to their clients but I have found out thatís not the case with Silvia McColl Wealth. That firm has some of the worst behaving people. Only some people at that firm know how to behave with a client. The advisor from Silvia McColl Wealth I have been working with has been very unkind and rude recently. It seems that they donít care about their clients at all. 

The people at Silvia McColl Wealth donít care about their clients. You shouldnít work with a financial advisor that doesn’t care about its clients and thatís why I donít recommend their services to anyone.

I wonít name any names here because Iím not here to throw mud at someone. However, I believe that an honest review on Silvia McCollís services is very important. It would make others aware of the drawbacks of working with this financial firm. 

My financial advisor at this firm doesnít listen to me during meetings and uses a lot of jargon. Understanding what they are trying to say is very difficult for me. Moreover, it makes me feel as if they do it deliberately to insult me. I donít know. 

In any case, itís not okay for a financial advisor to behave like this. As long as I pay them, things are nice and okay. But during meetings, it seems as if Iím talking to someone completely different. Their service quality is probably the worst I have encountered. I donít think a financial advisor should behave like this. ANother notable problem with this firm is that your financial advisor wouldnít listen to your complaints. They just donít. 

According to them, you couldnít have a complaint. I have tried to share a complaint with my financial advisor at this firm before, but they didnít respond professionally. In fact, it seemed as if they didnít even get my email. When they didnít respond to my email, I realised that I shouldnít bring it up with them again. Itís very insulting when your financial advisor doesnít respond to a written complaint. 

Imagine my position. It had taken me a lot of effort to write that email. And then, my financial advisor didnít even care enough to acknowledge that email. Itís very disappointing and I donít think a financial advisor should behave like this. 

If they had given a professional response to my complaint, I wouldnít have written a review here. They are obviously too busy doing something else thatís why they donít like to acknowledge their clientsí complaints. 

It is very sad because I always respected my financial advisor. Now I have lost all respect for them. 

I could have posted my complaint anywhere but I thought this would be the best place to do so as it allows me to post one anonymously. After this post, I donít even want to talk about this event. This review is for anyone who is wondering whether Silvia McColl Wealth is a good advisory firm or not. The answer to that question is, no, they are not good. It would be better to hire a smaller firm that listens to you and tries to understand your needs. More importantly, you should look for a financial advisory firm that focuses on providing excellent customer service to its clients. With Silvia McColl, you would only get dejected and rejected. These people donít care about their clients and itís obvious from the start.

Silvia McColl Wealth Review: Bad Customer Service

In conclusion, I donít recommend doing business with the financial advisors at Silvia McColl Wealth. It would be best to avoid this firm as the people here donít seem to care about their clients. I was very disappointed with the way they treated me here. 

You should find a financial advisor that focuses on providing good client service. This firm doesnít seem to focus on that aspect, which is quite sad. 

I donít recommend doing business with Silvia McColl Wealth because they provide terrible client service. It is very insulting to work with a financial advisor who doesn’t seem to listen to you. You should avoid doing business with someone like them.

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