Simedia RE Columbus Ohio Review


SimediaRE. This post is a brief overview of our experience with Simedia RE. It is intended to reveal Simedia RE as a bait-and-switch scam at best, and as an all-out fraud at worst. I’d like to know if anyone else has any opinions or comments- agreeing or otherwise- about this company.nMy family had 2 reservations with Simedia- both in Paris, and both in the first week of January, 2012. I booked one apartment for my family of 5, and my father-in-law booked another for he and his wife. We found both of these online using Flipkey. Flipkey tells me they have removed all postings for Simedia RE and it??s alleged properties, and will no longer conduct business with them.nThe first reservation was for an apartment in the first arrondissment of Paris. After a long and painful email exchange, I wired the full amount to a bank account in Milan, Italy. 2 days before we arrived in Paris we received an email telling us we had been re-located to a similar apartment. It was not an apartment but rather a hotel, and Simedia no longer answers our emails or phone calls.nThat story (told in full at pales in comparison to my father-in-law’??s. He also wired the money directly. He was never contacted again, and upon arriving in Paris, discovered there was no such apartment in existence. This is correct: they left a 75 year-old couple on the street in Paris, middle of winter, no contact information or contact person, after taking their money the week before. This, for me, describes perfectly the kind of person/people we are dealing with, no matter WHAT their story is after the fact.

18/2 Via Senigallia Milano, Select State/Province United States of America

39 028 716 7052


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