Sizzling Pubs Complaint


A friend and i arrived at the swan holm lane birkenhead approx 2pm .The menu did not have a chicken and bacon salad bowl on it so asked a male member of staff serving if they did a chicken and bacon salad bowl to which he replied yes. I ordered waited with my friend for about 30minutes or so for our food to arrive to which i was given a super green salad which looked like mush. I have never seen a salad bowl like this at all. When i complained i could not eat it to tom a staff member he came back with that’s the super green salad. To which i said i should of been told they don’t do a chicken and bacon salad bowl they only do this one. I preceded to say i should of been told before i paid. I had an apology then the male member of staff who served me sorry did not get his name came over and said it’s up to me to read menu. I said i did which is why i asked if they could make one. As due to an illness i am only allowed to eat certain food. He did refund my meal after i asked for head office contact details, but feel he only did this as i asked for contact details. Also the pub was not clean at all quite filthy with dust and dirt everywhere which is disgusting for food to be served in. I am sure the health and safety would have issues with this. We have eaten there most weeks and normally there is about 4 – 6 of us all depends what day we go.i have included pictures but they do not show it as bad as it was due to light. I just feel that this is not acceptable for one of your public houses.

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