Skidmore Investigations Review


The Skidmore Investigators received a $2000 retained. I had hoped to get the goods on to my estranged spouse during Valentine and President’s weekend. | On 2/12/2016, I observed the spouse in the car with relatives headed away from the city. Leaving her car behind at her sister’s home. | Investigator Wayne reported the spouse at a location near Rock Hill High School. Impossible because her car remained at the sister’s home for several hours. I called Wayne several times during the evening without sucess. Later I called Pete Jr from my home phone. He informed me that the spouse lastest location as Waxham, NC. | I drove to the address where the spouse resided for months. I observed her car backed in on the property’s front lawn. I spoke with Pete Jr on multiple occasions through the weekend. Then on Monday, President’s Day, I phoned Wayne telling him times, everything reported had been bogus. Then I told I want my money BACK. | I contacted another company on 2/15/16, with the intention of retaining it team of investigator. As of this day, I haven’t received money or a written report. I received my divorce nearly two months ago. However, I haven’t received any of my retainer.


  • Name: Skidmore Investigations
  • Country: United States
  • State: South Carolina
  • City: Fort Mill
  • Address: 3555 Centre Circle
  • Phone: 1 803-547-3554
  • Website:

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