Skin And Vein Center Review


WARNING: These doctors are D.O.’s. They claim to be “certified” by “academy” and “college”. They are not certified by the “american board of plastic surgery” or the “american board of surgery”. These d.o.’s have no “training” in cosmetic surgery whatsoever. Any “doctor” in MI can perform cosmetic surgery with less than one hour of training????????? The State of MI has many, many complaints against the skin and vein center and they are under investigation by the Health Investigation Division’s Alan Shulgon [protected]. Skin and Vein Center owner, Eric S. Seiger has been found guilty of introducing illegal medical equipment into the U.S.. Skin and Vein center has allowed a medical assistant? to perform liposuction with no doctor present. I learned the hard way. AVOID AVOID AVOID Get a real “certified plastic surgeon”!

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