Skin Medique, Symmetry Goodyear Arizona Review


I purchase three laser hair removal treatments on January 30,2006. I got only one treatment. I went the other day for my appointment and the doors were closed. nIn their voice mail they said that the mail box is full for Spa Beautica. Skin Medique,Symmetry & Spa Beautica are all own by the same company. They all shut their doors. nThey take your money up front then close without notice. Better to do one treatment at a time and pay a little more then letting them talk you into buying more treatments at a reduced price. nI called “12 news”” for action in Phoenix. They seem uninterested in my story unless I had an actual contract with Symmetry to prove how much money I was out. I wanted them to do a story about this to warn others of these kind of places that have you pay up front. nIf you have lost money please call “”12 news”” (602)260-1212. Maybe they will do a informative piece if enough people will call and complain about these three businesses. nDiananGoodyear


20403 N. Lake Pleasant Road Suite 119 Peoria, Arizona U.S.A.


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