Skinnmechocolate New York


Complaint: This category is not listed. This is a sugar free candy company offering free samples for 4.95 shipping. Then to top it off , they enroll you in a monthly shipment and give you only 7 dfays to cancel. The only wordings for the trial access say you will be enrolled after 7 days – and that you can cancel sunscription thereafter. HOW CAN YOU CANCEL for something you aren’t even part of yet!???? WHAT IS A FREE TRIAL ACCESS THEN???? I called them and the customer care center is unapologetic and say the same thing again and again. This is absolutely not fair. I see $34.99 charges on my account. They refuse to take it back and only offered a 15% reduction in the price. I was going to buy on demand when I needed but now I am disgusted and will not promote this product!

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: Internet USA



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